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Air Bound★ 6.7
Air Bound

Dreaming of adventure, city mouse Gavin and his buddy Matthew join a crew of Ship Mice ready to set sail - just as young Chester bursts in, pleading for help. Stowing away on a boat, the gang heads for Dream Island to defend Chester's family of mice against Winston the White Weasel (Jon Lovitz)...
Digital Monster X-Evolution★ 7.3
Digital Monster X-Evolution

Animation, Action, Sci-Fi
A virtual world was created by the present-day network called the "Digital World". The "Digital Monster", which is a digital life object, was born, and the host computer Yggdrasil managed the different Digital World areas. However, it developed the X Program of fear to eliminate all Digimon in ...
Phantom - The Animation★ 5.9
Phantom - The Animation

Animation, Action, Crime
Zwei was an ordinary person, until one day, while walking the streets a night, he witnessed a brutal assassination. He managed to avoid the sniper, a young girl named Ein, but was soon captured, and had the memories of his former life erased. He is spared death only by accepting a condition : t...
Patlabor: The Movie★ 7.2
Patlabor: The Movie

Animation, Action, Crime
A mysterious suicide and a series of unmanned robot run-aways sparks off a Police investigation into the suspicious software on-board thousands of industrial robots around Tokyo. Step by step, the police find themselves tangled up by the web of a perfect crime which awaits the approaching Typho...
Digimon: Revenge of Diaboromon★ 7.1
Digimon: Revenge of Diaboromon

Animation, Action, Adventure
It's been three months since MaloMyotismon was destroyed. It was discovered by Izzy that Diaboromon wasn't destroyed and is sending many Kuramon into the Real World. As Omnimon fights Diaboromon, the others gather the Kuramon. When Diaboromon is destroyed again, he escapes into the Real World t...
Ichigo vs. Ginjo! Secret of the Substitute Badge★ 9.0
Ichigo vs. Ginjo! Secret of the Substitute Badge

Animation, Action, Adventure
While facing each other in battle, Uryu notices that Ginjo's attack contains the presence of Ichigo's Spirit Energy. Ignoring Uryu's warning, Ichigo fires his Getsugatensho attack, only to be countered by Ginjo's own Getsugatensho attack.
Hiding in the Dangai? Another Ichigo?!★ 8.4
Hiding in the Dangai? Another Ichigo?!

Animation, Action, Adventure
Following his defeat by Kageroza, Ichigo has lost his Soul Reaper powers. Still determined to save Nozomi, Ichigo and his friends gather at Urahara's shop to come up with a rescue plan.
The Forbidden Research... Nozomi's Hidden Secret!★ 8.0
The Forbidden Research... Nozomi's Hidden Secret!

Animation, Action, Adventure
Ichigo, who was swept away by the Cleaner inside the Precipice World, has safely returned to the World of the Living to everyone's delight. Meanwhile in the Soul Society, the Reigai are revealed to be Mod Souls created by Kageroza.
Defeat Kageroza! Shinigami, All-Out War!★ 7.1
Defeat Kageroza! Shinigami, All-Out War!

Animation, Action, Adventure
Captains Hitsugaya and Kenpachi have located Kageroza and proceed to attack him, but Kageroza retaliates by controlling the Precipice World to his advantage. Back in the World of the Living, Nozomi and the others continue their search for the missing Ichigo.
Pride of the Kuchiki Family! Byakuya vs. Byakuya!★ 7.1
Pride of the Kuchiki Family! Byakuya vs. Byakuya!

Animation, Action, Adventure
Captains of the 13 Court Guard Squads continue their battle to reclaim the Soul Society. Head Captain Yamamoto takes on the Reigai of Kyoraku and Ukitake, but is gradually overwhelmed by the two. Meanwhile in the World of the Living, Nozomi and the others learn of Ichigo's disappearance inside ...
For the Sake of the Believers! Byakuya vs. Hitsugaya!★ 6.7
For the Sake of the Believers! Byakuya vs. Hitsugaya!

Animation, Action, Adventure
Moved by Ichigo and his friends' efforts to protect her, Nozomi decides to stay with the group and begins to use her powers to heal Ichigo. Meanwhile in the Soul Society, Byakuya faces the Reigai of Hitsugaya.
The Soul Detective! Karakuraizer Takes Off Again!★ 6.2
The Soul Detective! Karakuraizer Takes Off Again!

Animation, Action, Adventure
Karakurizer is back! As Karakurizer, Kon tries to impress the ladies when a man named Michel appears. Strong, kind, handsome, and a true hero, Michel instantly gains popularity...
Fierce Fighting Conclusion! Release, the Final Getsuga Tensho!★ 9.1
Fierce Fighting Conclusion! Release, the Final Getsuga Tensho!

Animation, Action, Adventure
Ichigo defeats Aizen with Final Getsuga Tensho which leads the villain to his permanent downfall.
Sayonara... Rangiku★ 8.0
Sayonara... Rangiku

Animation, Action, Adventure
Ichigo arrives to settle his score with Aizen once and for all.
Emergency Situation! Aizen, New Evolution!★ 8.3
Emergency Situation! Aizen, New Evolution!

Animation, Action, Adventure
As Aizen was about to kill Ichigo's friends, he is stopped by Gin who betrays him after 200 years of their partnership.
For the Sake of Protecting! Ichigo vs. Tensa Zangetsu★ 7.5
For the Sake of Protecting! Ichigo vs. Tensa Zangetsu

Animation, Action, Adventure
The battle between the Soul Reapers and the Espada becomes more and more tense. Soi Fon and Omaeda find themselves in a bad situation against Barragan's Respira. They can't even counterattack Respira because they can't get anywhere near it. Then, Soi Fon goes off somewhere, leaving Omaeda to fi...
Real World and Shinigami! The New Year Special★ 6.7
Real World and Shinigami! The New Year Special

Animation, Action, Adventure
The Women's Soul Reaper Association is hosting a New Year's party in the Soul Society, when Hitsugaya and the other male Soul Reapers come crashing in.
The Final Getsuga Tensho!? Ichigo's Training!★ 7.5
The Final Getsuga Tensho!? Ichigo's Training!

Animation, Action, Adventure
While going after Aizen, who has left for Karakura Town, Ichigo and Isshin arrive in the Precipice World, a place where time flows two thousand times faster than the outside world.

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